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Replacing Tires & Brake Parts

Bob's Auto Service offers tire balancing services and brand-name tire sales. We also supply brake parts to replace worn-out rotors, as well as offer brake maintenance.


Fixing Your Suspension & Exhaust

Find replacement suspension parts for your vehicle in our store. Our technicians provide exhaust repair services to improve the performance of your car.


Enhancing Your Car’s Performance

Maintain your vehicle with an engine tune-up and oil change service on a regular basis. We help you take care of your car to prevent accidents or damage.

In Business for More Than 30 Years

Who We Are

Bob's Auto Service provides car care and general automotive repairs for foreign and domestic vehicles. Our service center in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, employs two full-time technicians who have automotive trade training plus 12 to 14 years of experience. You receive attentive service and long-lasting repairs from our staff. For your convenience, we accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks as payment.

Contact our service center to request an appointment for car care services.